WCBA is a “leads club.”

This means that our main goal is to find leads for other members. This means exponentially increasing your potential sales because other members do the same for you.

To make a leads club work you need to make yourself well known to the other members. You need to be familiar and trusted.

Once you join and attend a few meetings, you will have made an impression on the other members. As they get to know you personally, and get to know all the things you can offer to clients, members will be able to give you good quality leads. The only way to get good leads is to make sure people know you, know your business, and trust you.

A good lead

  • is not: “You should call Frank, he needs your help.”
  • is not: “You should look into [this industry] because you will find lots of clients there.”
  • is: “I talked to Frank and told him about you. He is expecting you to call. Here’s his phone number.”
  • is: “Hi Mary, this is Frank. He was telling me he needs some new services. You should tell him about what you offer.”
  • is: one email to two people introducing them, and telling them why