Bob Gaul Memorial Award

In 1988, the Bob Gaul Meritorious Award was first given, recognizing the WCBA member who showed the most active support for the club during the year.  Points were tabulated for attendance, speeches given, members recruited, and leads given.

Over the years, this tradition has been kept up and although the point system is no longer used, the award is still given out each March at the anniversary of the WCBA’s inception.  Today, the president selects the winner from the active members in the club.

Upon Bob’s passing in 2007, the award was renamed the Bob Gaul Memorial Award.  Bob was the founder of the WCBA and was an active member until his passing.

Past winners of the award are as follows:

2013 Doug Blaylock
2012 Gerald Dey
2011 Doug Blaylock
2010 Herb Wildeman
2009 Scott Toderash
2008 Carl Hutman
2007 – In memorium to Bob Gaul
2006 Ron Baldwin
2005 Don Brown
2004 Ed Brajczuk
2003 Ron Lowe
2002 Pat Shepherd
2001 Keith Martens
2000 Scott Toderash
1999 Darlene Leggatt
1998 Doug Murray
1997 Bob Gaul AND Oscar Epp
1996 Judy Zabudney-Rankin
1995 Michelle Painchaud
1994 Andrea Harris-Arnal
1993 Greg Fehr
1992 Diane Monnier
1991 Diane Monnier
1990 Herb Wildeman
1989 Diane Sinclair
1988 Ken Snowdon