Read below what some of our members say about being part of the WCBA. There are many reasons to participate in a group like this, and not all of them are what you would expect!

“It supports what I do by expanding my network.”

I mean, I am part of the community in a lot of different ways, and the WCBA allows me to expand my networking circle. If someone asks me “Do you know someone who can do this for me?” then I have more people to draw on. I can pass a lead on to another WCBA member that way, and by helping my colleagues and clients, they appreciate me even more.

Doug Blaylock

Investors Group

“It’s not all dollars and cents.”

If you add up the cost of attending the club and then add up the number of sales you get from other club members, you’re not likely to come out ahead that way. The club works by allowing us to talk to other people that are not normally part of our circles. If a member has a spouse or a friend who needs some kind of sporting goods, then I always appreciate the referrals I get, but sometimes the referrals come a lot more indirectly than that. Just by having more people aware that my business exists I get more business.

Ron Lowe

Corydon Cycle

“I’m a member for different reasons.”

Being a member of this club is a good way to exchange leads and share ideas, but I also find that I enjoy the meetings enough that I wouldn’t want to stop coming. I always enjoy the individual presentations done by members at the meetings and the chance to constantly hear about things going on in the Winnipeg Business Community.

Don Brown

Anti-Graffiti Services

“There are some intangible reasons.”

People in business should interact with each other. Especially for a home-based business person, it is important to network in order to maintain that business focus one gets from collaborating or networking with others. The WCBA is great for that, as each member gets the chance to interact on a weekly basis. It is also a great place to bounce ideas off of other people, and to practice your skills in a real, but safe setting.

Scott Toderash

100% Helpdesk

“It takes time.”

I was a member for a couple of years under another category. When I went into the home renovation business and re-joined the club, I already had some history with the other members. It was easy to make connections then, and the referrals started coming almost instantly. Normally it does take a year or more to get that level of comfort with another person, but once that trust is established, people will have no trouble referring their friends and colleagues to you. Networking takes time, but it’s worth it.

Ron Baldwin

Ron’s Renos